WOF Inspections

WOF (Warrant of Fitness)
The vehicles that help us commute easily between home and work and travel for pleasure need to be maintained in excellent condition to perform the above tasks. For maintaining your car, van or truck in good condition, you need a reliable automotive service provider. Be it regular servicing of your car or attending to a quick repair, you need their complete support that would give you quality service at a reasonable price.

C.V. Specialists, auto service providers in Christchurch, has a team of expert auto mechanics who perform all kinds of servicing and maintenance tasks ranging from repair of brakes, power steering, suspension and many more services important to keeping your vehicle safe and reliable on the road.

As per NZTA regulations, Warrant of Fitness or WoF, a safety check for your vehicle is mandatory. Your vehicle should have a WoF label displayed after a thorough Warrant of Fitness inspection by an authorised auto mechanic. Your vehicle should be inspected for good tyre strength including tread depth, safety belts, exhaust, lights etc. and certified for safe driving on the road.

We provide full Warrant of Fitness services. See prices below:

Inspection of your vehicle for Warrant of Fitness is required to be done once every year for new vehicles and once every six months for vehicles six years or older.

C.V. Specialists is an authorised WoF agent that offers full Warrant of Fitness services to its valued customers. In case your vehicle does not pass the WoF inspection, we undertake the necessary repairs and help you get it completed. We have qualified and experienced WoF inspectors for the job and comply with the requirements of the NZTA in all respects.

Car | 4WD – $69.00 + GST

Trailer $50.00 +GST

Boat Trailer | Caravan – $69.00 + GST

Note: This is a safety roadworthy check for your vehicle.

As with all work we may identify other faults which we will bring to your attention via phone call and a quote for repair. Available for all standard 4 cylinder vehicles, if your vehicle requires different grade or synthetic oil then there will be an extra charge.

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