Lube Service Platinum incl WOF

4 Cylinder $245.50 + GST
6 Cylinder $269.90 + GST

This is CV SPECIALISTS top of the line service and tune option, and should be done every 10,000km.

For this price we change and replace:

  • Engine oil, using Gulf Western oils
  • Oil filter
  • Engine Oil Flush to remove old oil
  • Spark plugs (standard only)

We check and inspect your:

  • Antifreeze levels
  • Air filter
  • Auto transmission fluid level
  • Basic tune, including spark plugs
  • Battery level / test
  • Cam belt history
  • Clutch (Operation)
  • CV and rack boots
  • Drive chain check
  • Exhaust check
  • Fuel filter
  • Gear box and differential oils
  • Lube chassis
  • Lights
  • Power steering
  • Suspension and steering
  • Run up Gas analyzer
  • Radiator, coolant levels and hoses
  • Tyre pressure including spare
  • Fan belts
  • Window screen, washers and wipers clean
  • Wheel bearings

As with all work we may identify other faults which we will bring to your attention via phone call and a quote for repair. Available for all standard 4 cylinder vehicles, if your vehicle requires different grade or synthetic oil then there will be an extra charge.

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