CV and Driveline repairs

All prices quoted below include actual fitting of parts to your car unless otherwise stated.

Please note that costs vary from model to model based on their individual requirements.

  • CV Joints from $225.00+ GST
  • CV Boots from $155.00+ GST
  • Rack Boots from $145.00 + GST
  • CV Boots 4WD Trucks from $195.00 + GST
  • CV Inner from $299.00 + GST
  • Ball Joints from $135.95+ GST
  • Rack Ends from $155 + GST

C.V. Specialists is the best place in Christchurch for all your car repairs and servicing. Our team of expert Christchurch automotive technicians are well-trained and experienced in their work, so we can help you drive safely on the road without complications.

If you own a car and use it regularly, it is important that you maintain it well so as to be able to continue using it for a longer time. When you entrust your car with C.V. Specialists, whether it is for general maintenance, regular servicing or specific repair, you can be sure that you will get back your car in excellent condition.

Auto repairs require expertise and knowledge to handle the vehicle and fix problems. C.V. Specialists offers the following car repair services to customers:

  • Fitting of CV joints, CV boots etc.
  • Brake repairs.
  • Disc machining.
  • General maintenance such as punctures, clutch repairs, fitting of batteries, wheel alignment, lights, wiper blades etc.
  • Power steering maintenance and repairs
  • CV Axles supply, repair and fitting
  • Warrant of fitness inspections and repairs
  • CV manufacturing and rebuilding
  • Race car axles manufacturing.
  • Driveline design and build

We have a wide range of genuine auto parts for all models and makes of vehicles. When you leave your car with us for full servicing or car repairs, we complete the repair work fast by using the latest tools and technology and make sure that you are back on the road very soon.

In summary, Christchurch mechanics that are part of the professional team at C.V. Specialists’ automotive repair workshop provide you excellent support in restoring your vehicle to a normal working condition and get back to safe and dependable driving on the road.

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