Automatic Transmission Flush

Standard Flush starts from $295.00 + GST – includes 6 litre Oil and TFK additive.

This is due every 2 years or every 40,000km.

This is done by flush machine which cleans all the dirty oil out of the transmission, oil cooler and lines. This flush also cleans the transmission oil filter.

Afterwards we add additive to soften all O – rings and oil seals, which assists in prolonging the life of your automatic transmission and helps with smooth shift change in your automatic transmission.

We use Gulf Western ATF oils.

Note: Any extra oil is $16.95 + GST per litre.

As with all work we may identify other faults which we will bring to your attention via phone call and a quote for repair. Available for all standard 4 cylinder vehicles, if your vehicle requires different grade or synthetic oil then there will be an extra charge.

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